David opens new distribution hub in Aylesbury

David recently opened Integral LED’s new distribution hub in Aylesbury. Integral LED specialise in selling LED lighting solutions and their new Aylesbury hub is due to expanding nature of the market. David said after his visit:

I was delighted to open Integral LED's new distribution hub in Aylesbury. I welcome this vote of confidence that Integral has given to the business future of Aylesbury and it is heartening that this company is doing what it needs to be successful in the 21st century – designing lighting that delivers better value for money for end customers.

The need for innovation is never going to let up. There will always be opportunities for canny and innovative companies to increase their market share and I wish them every success.

David expresses his concerns about HS2 to the Oakervee Review

David met Mr Douglas Oakervee, Chairman of the Oakervee Review into HS2 and Lord Tony Berkeley to discuss his concerns about HS2. David said:

Yesterday (Tuesday 8 October) I met the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Independent Review of HS2, Douglas Oakervee and Lord (Tony) Berkeley. During a 45 minute meeting, I made clear to them my strong preference for HS2 to be scrapped altogether.

I repeated my long held belief that the business case on which the project is founded is weak. In particular, I expressed my scepticism about calculating economic benefit on the basis of the accumulated minutes of travelling time that were forecast to be saved through faster journeys and pointed out too that HS1 (the high-speed channel route) has never come near to attracting the number of passengers originally forecast.

I said too that while the Review was taking place all enabling works on HS2 should cease, a point that I have made directly to the Secretary of State for Transport.

If the Review and the Secretary of State for Transport concluded that HS2 should go ahead, then I said I wanted three improvements in particular to the scheme as currently proposed.

First, the mined tunnel proposal for Wendover should be incorporated into the HS2 project. Such a step would mitigate considerably both the noise and visual impact of HS2 upon the village and surrounding area. This tunnel proposal is supported by a detailed technical case commissioned by residents in Wendover.

Second, I asked that the Review demand a step change in the quality of HS2 Ltd’s engagement with members of the public. Like other MPs representing constituencies along the route, I have a file of cases where compensation has been paid late, where information has been withheld or where HS2 has simply failed to provide an adequate explanation of its decisions. There is no excuse for the highhanded and arrogant manner in which too often HS2 treats people whose lives are being disrupted by the project even ahead of construction.

Third, I pointed out that people living between London and Birmingham for the most part get no direct benefit from HS2 because there is no intermediate station. This contrasts with HS1, where Javelin trains carrying commuters are allowed to use the high-speed tracks, making it easier for people in towns like Folkestone to travel to and from London. So I pressed Mr Oakervee and Lord Berkeley to recommend at least one intermediate station between London and Birmingham if HS2 were to go ahead. The logical location for such a station would be where it is planned that HS2 and the Oxford Cambridge railway line should cross.

David's reasons for voting with the Government

You can see below a letter from David to the Chair of the Aylesbury Conservative Association outlining his reasons for voting with the Government in the recent Brexit vote.

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A letter to the Foreign Secretary regarding Kashmir

David has written to the Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab to express his concern about the current situation in Kashmir following the revoking of Article 370 removing Kashmir’s special status. The letter asks the Foreign Secretary to outline the diplomatic efforts being undertaken by the UK Government to defuse this situation.

David said: I have written to the Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab about the recent developments in Kashmir to express my deep concern. As a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, the UK has a responsibility to strive to prevent such a conflict. As such I have asked the Foreign Secretary to outline what action the Government is taking to assist in de-escalate this situation.

Kashmir Letter.jpg

A letter to Transport Secretary about the HS2 Oakervee Review

David has written to the Transport Secretary Grant Shapps to find out the terms of reference for the Oakervee Review into HS2. David has put a number of specific questions to the Transport Secretary about the scope and power of the review.

David said: I have written to the new Transport Secretary Grant Shapps regarding the Oakervee Review. As I have said, the Review must be given the correct terms of reference to allow a full, in-depth look at the business case for HS2. I have also asked whether the terms of reference will give Mr Oakervee the power to recommend that scheme is scrapped

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